Vail Pet Partners Board Members

Laura Sellards and Murphy

Laura and Murphy joined Vail Pet Partners in 2008 when Murphy was just over a year old.  Murphy loves visiting all people; whether they are patients, visitors, staff or friends.  When not working for Vail Pet Partners Murphy loves hiking, swimming, snowshoeing and playing ball.  When not enjoying the outdoors or visiting patients Laura and Murphy work in real estate with Keller Williams and own a small travel agency Travel Vail.

Cathy and Gracie

Vice President
Cathy Vito and Gracie

Gracie and I have been Pet Partners since 2008.  We very much enjoy our visits to Jack’s Place.
It’s so rewarding to see the patients warm up as soon as we walk through the door.  Gracie loves helping people and making them feel good.  That’s what Pet Partners is all about.


Vice President
Cathy Vito and Murphy

Murphy and I have been Pet Partners since 2011.  We enjoy our visits to Vail Valley Medical Center and to Jack’s Place.  We have even participated in the after school reading program.
When we arrive we are greeted with smiles and many pats. Murphy is so happy to see any and all people.  The staff love to see us as well.  I think we make their days a little brighter.
There’s nothing like a dog to bring a smile to someone’s face that may be in dire need of one.

Heidi & April Showers

Heidi Clark and April Showers

Heidi and April are part of the evaluation team, serving as neutral dog and handler for team evaluations and doing demonstrations.  Along with Australian Shepherd “Ted”, they enjoy all of the outdoor opportunities that the mountains have to offer and participate in the sport of Canine Nose Work.


Jill Kovacevich

I have been privileged to have had a dog partner all my life, each one becoming my best dog ever. It has taken three dogs and 35 years for me to prioritize my dog as my life’s passion and find my greatest reward in dog training beyond obedience. I am deeply passionate and thoughtful about my dog- human relationship and am fortunate to have found Mark Ruark and his dog training friends and family to provide endless support and learning opportunities in how to live, love and bond with my dog each and every day beyond just spoken words. It is through Mark that I was first introduced to Vail Pet Partners, our community therapy dog organization. While I was determined to be a Therapy Team, my one year old border collie had other interests in mind and it is through this experience that I truly became a better dog listener. While my canine resume starts just a few years ago, is filled with accomplishments in working, volunteering and training in obedience, shelter work, supporting therapy dog work as a non-dog team member, veterinary reserve corps and now the scent detection sport of canine nose work. It’s a dogs’ world and I am so fortunate to be in it.


Darlene and Willow

Board Member
Darlene Weinheimer and Willow

Willow is my Bernese Mountain Dog. We live in Gypsum,  Colorado. Cross country skiing is something we love to do together, as well as hiking and camping. We have been with Vail Pet Partners since March of 2013.  Willow is a very happy puppy and brings joy to all that meet her.  We both enjoy our service with VVMC.  The staff are wonderful people and are always happy to see us on our visits.  It is a most rewarding job and we hope to continue bringing happiness to those who need it.


Board Member and Co-Founder
Sally Clair and Kokomo

I love my Kokomo – my partner – because she is loyal. Because she never lets me down. Because she loves me unconditionally. Because she smiles. Because she likes to lounge.

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