Current Programs

Vail Medical Center

Therapy teams visit the Vail Valley Medical Center PCU on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week

Jack’s Place – a cancer care house

Therapy teams visit Jack’s Place cancer care house on Mondays and Wednesdays each week

Wagging Tales

Vail Valley Pet Partners “Wagging Tales” School and Library Program was launched in 2007 at the Eagle County Charter Academy.  It has now expanded to include June Creek Elementary and the Gypsum Library.  Five teams work with Reading Specialist, Kindergarten, First grade, Special Needs and in a After School Literacy Program.  Both the teams and the teachers have realized that the kids feel privileged and special being able to read with the dogs.  The children look forward to the opportunity to work with the certified reading dogs. With a dog, there is no criticism or judgment and no laughter if a child makes a mistake. Gains have been noted in both fluency and self esteem with the additional bonus of the calming effect the dogs have on the classroom.

Special Visits

Vail Pet Partner teams are available for any appropriate unique situation, from specific family visits to a library visit to read with kids.  We’re happy to talk to you about your unique situation and if a therapy team can help.  Please email us to discuss your ideal therapy situation.